The Clinical Research with AB-Fortis® Iron Supplements

The bioavailability of AB-Fortis® compared to uncoated ferrous sulphate was evaluated in a two-way, randomized, double-blind, cross-over postprandial intervention in healthy volunteers by measuring two iron blood parameters: transferrin saturation and total serum iron.


42mg of iron in the form of AB-Fortis® or ferrous sulphate (control) in dairy products.
Volunteers received 500 mL of either the test or the control products, together with a standardized breakfast.
Blood samples were collected at one-hour intervals for 6 hours after the end of the meal.


AB-Fortis® has a bioavailability equivalent to that of ferrous sulphate.

The Clinical Research with Iron Supplements

Transferrin saturation increased steadily during the first 3 hours after the intake of both AB-Fortis® and ferrous sulphate (p < 0.005). At peak value, transferrin saturation increased 3.9 % in the AB-Fortis® group and 3.4% in the ferrous sulphate group; this difference was not statistically significant.

The Clinical Research with Iron Supplements

No statistically significant differences could be observed in serum iron concentration during the 6-h postprandial study and there was no effect of time or the type of milk product used. These results are in line with the need for a large supplementation of iron over several days to induce a visible change in blood iron levels.

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